Corporate Acquisitions

We have concluded transactions in excess of


Corporate Acquisitions


We have become adept in streamlining what is a normally complicated process, having assembled our team of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and bankers to assist in the acquisition procedure.

We have concluded transactions in excess of £750 million.

Once we have agreement we are generally able to proceed to exchange of contracts or a Share Purchase Agreement within days of agreeing terms.

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“The Hacking Trust offers bespoke solutions to
corporate and company acquisitions..”

Deval Patel,
Gerald Edelman “Chartered Accountants”


“They purchase shares in private limited companies where there is no secondary market. I was part of a family run business with no exit route and I was able to sell my shares without having to consult any of the other shareholders. An Innovative and helpful approach that certainly ended my involvement in a long-standing family dispute.”

Mr David Orchard of Reigate


“A proactive positive approach to assisting me with my retirement solution.”

Mr Michael Hudson of Falmouth, Cornwall